We are a small but very active club. We recently changed our name to better reflect the area that we are in, for better visibility. Here is our club history:

Club Charter Year: 1958
Number Members: 25
First meeting Location: Country Kitchen
First President: Joe Trickett
Sponsored By: PMB, Paoli Malvern Berwyn
Spun off Rotary Club of Central Chester County in 1992
The following history is from a booklet produced in 1987:

Studies conducted by members of the Paoli-Malvern-Berwyn (PMB) Club indicated the potential for a new club between Paoli and Downingtown. An extension committee consisting of Ed Alleva (chairman), Dis Hosbach and Howard Moore, undertook the project in 1957. Having obtained the co-sponsorship of the Downingtown Club, the committee set out to contact prospective Rotarians in the new area. By early 1958 (February), a nucleus was formed, and after a few meetings, the provincial Rotary Club of Exton-Frazer was launched in April of 1958. Weekly meetings were held each Monday evening, with prominent Rotarian speakers from other clubs presenting Rotary information to the prospective members. On June 16, 1958, the Club received its official charter from Rotary International through the District Governor, Charles C. Meyers.

The Club consisted of twenty-five charter members, only two of whom were Rotarians prior to 1958. With their guidance and experience, coupled with the cooperation and help from the Extension Committee, the Exton Frazer Club moved through its early organizational period successfully.

Community developement was seen by the initial administrators, and the formation was planned to provide for a sound functionng unit by the time the area's population and related activities grew. During this period, many members have served in various officerships and committee posts of responsibility and service.This wealth of experience has been passed from year to year, president to president, forming the foundation that enables the Club to respond and act effectively to the needs of the community and beyond. During its formative years, the Exton-Frazer Club has been engaged in a variety of projects. Our purpose in Rotary is divided into four major avenues. These are Club, Vocational, Community, and International. Emphasis on Club activities during the early years was important to its future well-being. Club service represents those activities and programs that explain and educate and plan club and district Rotary functions and projects.

The club held a meeting every Monday evening for fifteen years, changed to Wednesday evenings for a period, but then back to Monday nights again, with the exception of a few holidays. Membership attendance had averaged over 80% during this period. There was a number of 100% attended meetings. In addition to the regular weekly meetings, many members attend District meetings and Rotary International meetings. District Conferences (once three day sessions held annually), are attended by many of the Club's members. District sponsored events receive good club attendance. Annual International Conventions are usually attended by a few members. These are, on alternative years, held in some country other than the U.S.A. The attendance at these conventions ranges over fifteen thousand Rotarians. Our Club includes, within its membership, pilots and plane owners. This group has been active in sponsoring aviation related Rotary events as well as providing transportation to distant meetings. Within Rotary, groups of similar interests such as pilots, caravaners, railroaders, amateur radio operators, collectors, etc get together at conventions as a further extension of world Rotary fellowships. These are, of course, extra activities beyond the normal programs and business of the convention. The attendance at all Rotary functions is voluntary, and the costs are all borne by the individual. Club funds are not used to send members to these meetings. The interest to attend is evident of a member's acceptance of Rotary and its benefits.